Join us in Prayer in Honor of Native American Heritage

Our public lands play a crucial role in conserving the spiritual, natural, and cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples. Yet, our public lands are under imminent threat of poor stewardship choices that could lead to irreversible damage to this heritage. During Native American Heritage Month, join in making a commitment to raise our voices in prayer. We pray for divine guidance for our decision-makers who are responsible for exercising wise stewardship over our public lands.
Before December 1, we are calling on 100 faith communities nationwide to commit to pray together for better stewardship of Native American heritage landscapes and sacred sites. Let us know that your faith community is praying, and we will share a list of all the congregations praying for God's creation, demonstrating the collective power of our prayers.

Note: By submitting your name and organization (faith community) on this form, you are consenting to Creation Justice Ministries listing you as among those who are praying for Native American heritage preservation. No contact information will be released to the public.