Urgent: Send a Personal Message to Secretary Zinke about Monuments


On April 26th, President Trump signed an executive order directing the Department of Interior, led by Secretary Ryan Zinke, to make recommendations to eliminate or shrink parks and monuments that have been protected by our presidents in recent decades, including the incredible Bears Ears National Monument which protects over 100,000 irreplaceable archaeological and cultural sites which are sacred to tribes.

With your help, we can demonstrate the overwhelming public support for all national monuments. For just a few weeks, the Department of the Interior will receive public comments about this order. Now is the time to show Secretary Zinke that we value sabbath spaces where our communities learn, play, and pray.

It is necessary to customize your comment to the Department of Interior. In addition to the petition language below, please add information. Information entered will be publicly viewable on regulations.gov.

Here are some ideas of comments you might add:

* I visited and enjoyed _______ National Monument, and would hate to see it diminished.

* My faith has grown through my _______ experiences with National Monuments and other public lands.

* Many national monuments have honored and conserved our nation's spiritual heritage, in addition to cultural and national heritage. One that is especially dear to me is _______.

This petition has a goal of 1000 signatures
51-75 of 772 signatures
Number Date Name Organization Location IMPORTANT: PLEASE CUSTOMIZE ...
722 4.6 years ago Sally Mason Disciples of Christ Church Lincoln, NE This and other monuments are our nation's heritage.
721 4.6 years ago Elisabeth Priest Ambridge, PA It's important that we conserve monuments that show respect for our country's national, cultural, and spiritual heritage. Our country is rich in such history. Please don't take away that which honor...
720 4.6 years ago Esther Garvett Miami, FL National Monuments are preserved for the Public. There is NO REASON to interfere with their preservation for any purpose whatsoever!
719 4.6 years ago Barbara Carr Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia Kingsville, MD We took the land from the Indians to settle the west. They were never compensated. How about letting these Nations have these small fragments of their ancestral lands without depriving them once aga...
718 4.6 years ago John Campbell Clanton, AL Dear Secretary Zinke,
As a person of faith, I value parks and monuments which help us learn, play and pray. I also take seriously my duty to participate in care for our nation's public lands. Pl...
717 4.6 years ago Anonymous Williamsport, PA The evidence of the power of Bears Ears National Monument is in the coming together of five tribes to form the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition. It would be wise of us to follow their example and cdesignation of monuments may have cost jobs, wages, and public access...'); return false;">...
716 4.6 years ago Ruth Wootten Self Tempe, AZ All of us must take seriously the Biblical mandate to take care of all creation.
715 4.6 years ago Bill Bowman Bardstown Road Presbyterian Louisville, KY I support Bears Ears and all other monuments. Let's keep them intact for future generations!
714 4.6 years ago Phyllis Ballata White Bear Lake, MN Glance at the sun. See the moon and the stars. Gaze at the beauty of earth's greenings. Now think. What delight God gives to humankind with all these things [Hildegard of Bingen]. You have been ...
713 4.6 years ago Phoebe Morad Lutherans Restoring Creation Braintree, MA This is more than being able to eat fish into the future - we need healthy oceans to be able to breathe clean air!
712 4.6 years ago Jill Paddock St. Paul's UCC-Erin Menomonee Falls, WI Please, it is time to stop this descration!!
Those of you who hold the power much wake up!!!
711 4.6 years ago Natalie Hanson Lansing, MI Preserve and Protect ALL or National Monuments. They are ALL vital parts of our National Heritage.
710 4.6 years ago Kathleen Ernst Middleton, WI Dear Secretary Zinke,
There is no better place to connect with God than in parks and monuments. I am therefore horrified by your callous disregard for the sacred spaces that have been set asid...
709 4.6 years ago Jonathan groene Lawrence, KS Diminishing a National Monument, handing federal land to states, shortening the review process of public land are all terms for selling public land. Once sold, the land will not return to the publ...
708 4.6 years ago Eleanor joyce Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Kingston, NY
707 4.6 years ago Kathleen Yeadon school Beech Grove, IN We need places to renew our lives. We need to do right by the Native Americans. Please keep Bear Ears intact!!!
706 4.6 years ago Tawnya Smith Foxboro, MA The Bears Ears Monument is a sacred site for native and non-native persons. We must view this site with the same reverence that we do temples, churches, and other houses of worship!
705 4.6 years ago Ashley Matthews First Presbyterian Church of Boulder Boulder, CO Please leave our national monuments alone. They are there for future generations. It's not all about money. More money for people today leaves destruction for our future generations. We must care fo...
704 4.6 years ago Ellen Poist Sisters of St. Joseph Philadelphia, PA Please keep hands off our monuments. They were designated for the people to enjoy. We don't need them destroyed by the greedy people. Bear Monument also would effect Indigenous people if given aw...
703 4.6 years ago D!vid Hansen United Church Of Christ Wichita, KS Sacred sites for all people must be protected.
702 4.6 years ago John Gregory Valley Christian Church Leeds, AL Please, listen to the people instead of the politicians.
701 4.6 years ago Anonymous Chicago, IL Bears Ears and other culturally and environmentally significant lands need to be preserved for the next generation.
700 4.6 years ago Joe Arevalo Hope Church RCA Holland, MI Please protect our National Monuments! They are sacred spaces that deserve special recognition. Our indigenous people's wishes should be honored.
699 4.6 years ago Art Hanson Lansing, MI Preserve and Protect ALL or National Monuments. They are ALL vital parts of our National Heritage.
698 4.6 years ago Tim Duda American Federation of Teachers (ret) San Antonio, TX Consideration of diminishing our National Monuments is absolutely appalling! We will not stand for the corporate exploitation of our natural heritage. I am vehemently disgusted with the thought and...
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