Stand with the Gwich'in People to Protect The Arctic Refuge

Right now, Alaska Native Gwich'in leaders are meeting with as many members of Congress as they can, in a race against time to get Arctic oil drilling provisions out of the projected revenue in the proposed federal budget. More than half of the US Congress is refusing to respect the Gwich'in peoples' food security, religious freedom, and basic human rights. Last week, the US Senate voted on a proposed federal budget amendment to strike Arctic Refuge oil drilling from the budget. 52 US Senators voted to keep it in: every Republican except for Senator Collins (ME) voted in favor of Arctic Refuge drilling. Every Democrat except for Senator Manchin (WV) voted to strike the Arctic Refuge drilling from the budget. Now, the House and Senate proposed budgets will need to be reconciled. Contact Congress. Stand with the Gwich'in people to protect the Arctic.

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