President Trump: Please Uphold the Integrity of God's Creation on Our Public Lands

For the first time in history, the Trump Administration is considering removing protections for millions of acres of public lands encompassed in national monument areas. This could lead to irreversible damage to Native American sacred sites, wildlife safehavens, and delicate watersheds.

Earlier this year, the Creation Justice community collected public comments and delivered them to the Department of Interior. Our voices united with nearly three million people in the United States who asked Interior Secretary Zinke to uphold protections for our national monuments. On August 24, Secretary Zinke submitted a set of recommendations to the White House recomending shrinking or reducing protections for ten national monuments. The White House and the Department of Interior have not made any further comment. Now is the time to appeal to President Trump to save our national monuments.

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Number Date Name Organization Location Why do you value our public ...
892 1 year ago Ruth Marshall Graham, WA
891 1 year ago Gerald Turley Tacoma , WA
890 1 year ago John Janet Eveleth Spanaway, WA
889 1 year ago Kate Emanmel Tacoma, WA
888 1 year ago Diane Crews Tacoma, WA
887 1 year ago Warren Feyt Grand Haven, MI Public lands provide sanctuary for living things (and people). They invite reflection, perspective and contextual awareness of our place in God's creation.
886 1 year ago Richard Czyzynski Franklin, WI
885 1 year ago Lynn Denny Macon, GA
884 1 year ago Bruce Wheeler Savannah, GA
883 1 year ago Edward Spevak St James the Greater St Louis, MO
882 1 year ago Betsy Wiest Sisters of St. Jopseh of NW PA Erie, PA Our public lands are sacred to Native Americans. They are also sacred to the plants and animals that call them home. By destroying these lands, we will endanger species. Once these are gone, we c...
881 1 year ago Jeanne Marchese sisters ofSt. Joseph of Orange Orange, CA These lands are sacred and should be treated with respect.
880 1 year ago Mary Bonhote Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange Santa Ana, CA It is important to protect our land for the generations to come.
879 1 year ago Mary Foster Birmingham, AL
878 1 year ago Phyllis Tierney Sisters of St. Joseph Rochester, NY Public Lands preserve our heritage. The give us places to renew and refresh our beings; In this time of wanton destruction of nature, our public lands provide safe habitats for plants, animals, bir...
877 1 year ago Robert Gottfried Sewanee, TN I value them because they represent places we put aside for the common good as oppposed to those that individuals use for their own interests. The common good for me includes spiritual and ecologica...
876 1 year ago Ailsa Blunk Presbyterians for Earth Care Northville, MI What's not to value? We have parks, monuments, forests, etc. which we are proud of and hold dear. How can we minimize their worth to our country?
875 1 year ago Nancy Lane, Ph.D. Elmira, NY They are part of our cultural heritage and belong to the people- not to corp for exploitation.
874 1 year ago Dawn Martin Epiphany United Church of Christ Saint Louis, MO All of our land is sacred.
873 1 year ago Robert Gottfried Sewanee, TN I sense God's presence in these special places and feel we need to protect them, particularly when native tribes hold them dear.
872 1 year ago Jack Ready Monroe, MI finite resource that must be preserved for future generations
871 1 year ago Nancy Wheeler none Manteno, IL They are sacred places for our forbearers to share with us, and we must keep and protect them for the generations to come.
870 1 year ago Scott Hardin-Nieri Green Chalice- Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Asheville, NC Access for the public for wild spaces, preservation of God's Creation and support for the integrity of the desires, history, traditions and Holy places of Indigenous Peoples.
869 1 year ago Ginger Mayiallo Taos United Church of Christ El Prado, NM
868 1 year ago John Fair Taos United Church of Christ Taos, NM
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