PETITION CLOSED. Standing Rock Needs a Lifeline, Not a Deadline.



We invite you to sign your name to an important and urgent statement that calls upon President Obama to act on one of the most significant matters of our time: the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Obama administration can bring an end to the construction of this pipeline that has trampled on Native rights, desecrated sacred lands, threatened the Missouri River, and unleashed an appalling militarized response.

As many of you know, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and the Governor of North Dakota have issued eviction orders for the largest resistance camp opposing the pipeline. In response to an eviction deadline of December 5th, the statement below calls upon Obama to extend a lifeline by stopping construction. Our goal is to have more than a thousand faith leaders sign this statement that will be publicly released on the morning of the deadline.

(Questions? Contact United Church of Christ Environmental Justice Minister Rev. Brooks Berndt at

This petition has a goal of 500 signatures
51-75 of 289 signatures
Number Date Name Organization Location Why do you stand with ...
239 5.5 years ago Max Richter Community United Methodist Church, Columbia Heights, MN St. Paul, MN
238 5.5 years ago Eric Snyder Episcopal Church Farmingdale, NY
237 5.5 years ago Beth DuBois SouthValley Presbyterian Church Syracuse, NY
236 5.5 years ago Sylvia Baker-Noren Tompkinsville , KY
235 5.5 years ago Stacey Duke First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor Ann Arbor, MI 1 - I believe in and support indigenous rights and indigenous sovereignty.
2 - I want our nation to repent of and make amends for our exploitation and abuse of First Nations people.
3 - Wat...
234 5.5 years ago Steven Callahan Mr. Valatie, NY pollution kills and these are sacred burial grounds.
233 5.5 years ago Mark Smith Hamilton, NJ
232 5.5 years ago Kate Shaner First Community Church Powell, OH We are witnessing the water protectors fight for not only Mother Earth but each and every one of the creatures that call her home. I stand with their witness of justice for all creation.
231 5.5 years ago Clark Sherman Episcopal Diocese of Montana Bozeman, MT People Not Profits
230 5.5 years ago Scott Cervas Presbyterian Church (USA) Lexington, KY We stand for justice and peace, and the indigenous people of this land should not be treated with such contempt in the name of anything...and especially not in the name of corporate greed.
229 5.5 years ago Marcia Yoder-Schrock Mennonite Church USA Donnellson, IA
228 5.5 years ago Carla Gilbert Ms. Berea, KY Justice for indigenous and Care for Creation..Eco justice
227 5.5 years ago Joan Baustian Adrian Dominicans Adrian, MI The genocide towards Native Americans
reaps a harvest of continued injustice.
226 5.5 years ago George Holcombe UMC Austin, TX Peace and justice for all humans and all creation.
225 5.5 years ago Marian Ronan The International Grail Movement Brooklyn, NY We have done enormous harm over the years to our indigenous people and to the earth that we live on with them. This has to stop.
224 5.5 years ago Michelle Moyles Chicago, IL All life is precious. These are our countries first people, protecting the very land we live on. They own that land and depend on that land. The pipeline will effect water all the way down to the gu...
223 5.5 years ago Jackson Day United Methodist Church Catonsville, MD Because I respect sacred space. Because I respect the environment. Because I respect the need for uncontaminated drinking water. Because I respect the Treaty of 1851. Because I am a war veteran a...
222 5.5 years ago Donna T. Morton United Methodist Church Louisville, KY Water is life. The pipeline is dangerous to human and plant life. We have an obligation to native peoples to protect their lives and their sacred lands.
221 5.5 years ago Mary Ann Dimand Arvada, CO I stand with Standing Rock for the public goods of water, air, public assembly and the right to speak in protest.I stand with Standing Rock the more because this is a fresh outrage upon a history in...
220 5.5 years ago Tom Wagner Muskegon County Cooperating Churches Whitehall, MI After events in Flint, Michigan;and the history of our treatment of Native American people, it seems more important than ever to protect God's gift of water before damage is done.
219 5.5 years ago D. Mark Davis St. Mark Presbyterian Church Newport Beach, CA I stand against the mistreatment of Native Americans, the use of 'public domain' for commercial and not communal benefits, and furthering our dependence on fossil fuels.
218 5.5 years ago Susan Fuller Wolfeboro, NH To protest threats to water purity and desecration of sacred land.
217 5.5 years ago Andrew Shelton Fort Worth, TX
216 5.5 years ago Carolyn Pressler United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities New Brighton, MN We stand with the Standing Rock Sioux by signing our names, but truly, they are standing on our behalf, by defending God's creation.
215 5.5 years ago Cindy Mueller United church of Christ Buffalo, MN Because our water is a gift we are called to be. Stewards of.
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