PETITION CLOSED. Standing Rock Needs a Lifeline, Not a Deadline.



We invite you to sign your name to an important and urgent statement that calls upon President Obama to act on one of the most significant matters of our time: the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Obama administration can bring an end to the construction of this pipeline that has trampled on Native rights, desecrated sacred lands, threatened the Missouri River, and unleashed an appalling militarized response.

As many of you know, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and the Governor of North Dakota have issued eviction orders for the largest resistance camp opposing the pipeline. In response to an eviction deadline of December 5th, the statement below calls upon Obama to extend a lifeline by stopping construction. Our goal is to have more than a thousand faith leaders sign this statement that will be publicly released on the morning of the deadline.

(Questions? Contact United Church of Christ Environmental Justice Minister Rev. Brooks Berndt at

This petition has a goal of 500 signatures
26-50 of 289 signatures
Number Date Name Organization Location Why do you stand with ...
264 5.7 years ago DeWayne Davis All God's Children MCC Minneapolis, MN I stand in solidarity with those who are oppressed by the heavy arm of political and corporate power. As a minister of the gospel, I am called to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ who brought...
263 5.7 years ago Marion Phipps St. Hugh of Lincoln Episcopal Church McHenry, IL It's the right things to do. We have treated Native Americans horribly through the years. Putting their water supply at risk and desecrating their sacred burial ground is not acceptable.
262 5.7 years ago Dana Schindler United Church of Christ, Elcho Elcho, WI The Native Americans are defending their own land, burial grounds and water purity. The mistreatment of these people and government misappropriation of land is unconscionable.
261 5.7 years ago Alan Cutter PCUSA Baton Rouge, LA With my brother and sister war veterans I stand with these peaceful warriors who seek to protect those whose lands and traditions are threatened by officials who betray the public trust, but prefer ...
260 5.7 years ago Mitch Wesley PruittHealth Hospice Athens, GA
259 5.7 years ago Mathilda Merker United Methodist ChurchI believe Indians have a right to their s Catonsville, MD The land is sacred to the Indians and should not be defiled.
258 5.7 years ago Ann E Miller Wichita Falls , TX It's the right thing to do!
257 5.7 years ago Ann McFarlane Troutdale, OR I respect the sacred lands and I take a stand to protect the quality of water and life for all generations to come.
256 5.7 years ago E Clifford Cutler St Paul's Episcopal Church Philadelphia, PA
255 5.7 years ago Jerry Buss ELCA Oak Harbor, WA
254 5.7 years ago Celeste Rossmiller 10:30 Catholic Community Aurora, CO Because they are right: Water is Life.
Because it's time to stop the extraction of fossil fuels.
Because non-violent and prayerful confrontation is a worthy means to witness to a message of ...
253 5.7 years ago Ellen Poist Sisters of St. Joseph Philadelphia, PA
252 5.7 years ago Cheryl Barnes PCUSA Lawrenceville , GA It is a Human rights issue, it has to do with an ecological crisis, and the absurd notion that greed and power are the evils that surpasses the humane treatment of Native Americans and the care of t...
251 5.7 years ago Geoff Sawtell Denver, CO
250 5.7 years ago R Richard Roe United Church of Christ Los Altos, CA Because they are standing for all of the values we believe in.
249 5.7 years ago Kimmo Laine Turku, ot
248 5.7 years ago Bill Mefford Fig Tree Revolution Arlington, VA
247 5.7 years ago Janet Diehl United Church of Christ Saint Paul, MN I stand with the Water Protectors of Standing Rock because I believe their cause to be just. This pipeline has already desecrated Sioux land. They are a Sovereign Nation that made Treaties with th...
246 5.7 years ago Ralph Dunkin ELCA Wheeling, WV If this was Arlington Cemetary no one would dare run a pipeline thru it. Why run a pipeline thru an Indian burial ground?
245 5.7 years ago Denise Rogers Episcopal Church Bozeman, MT I stand with standing rock because the water protectors our taking care of a water supply that everyone uses. The Missouri river which is sacred. God has asked that we be good stewards of this earth...
244 5.7 years ago David Mahaffey Orthodox Diocese of Alaska Anchorage, AK The importance of all citizens's rights should never be for sale to oil companies.
243 5.7 years ago Grace Gyori Plainfield, IN It is my expression of HOPE during this Advent.
242 5.7 years ago Robert Munneke First Lutheran Aitkin, MN In the creation story in the Bible, mankind was told by the Creator to take good care of the place. Future generations are depending on our response.
241 5.7 years ago Myrna Tuttle UCC Santa Barbara, CA The Sioux are refugees in their own land. Europeans, like me, made them refugees. They are human beings in need of water, and they are spiritual beings who cherish water.
240 5.7 years ago Claire Osinkosky Preston Mennonite Church Cambridge, ON To protect the water and to stand for their rights.
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