A More Diverse Next 100 Years for our National Parks

Our National Parks and Monuments are designed to tell our nation's story and be welcoming places for all to learn, play, and pray. We are all made in the image of God, and the stories our Parks and Monuments highlight as well as the workforces that staff them should reflect the beauty of our nation's racial/ethnic diversity and gender balance.

Join in calling on President Obama to take action so our National Parks and Monuments reflect a greater diversity. Sign our petition below!

This petition has a goal of 1500 signatures
26-50 of 1128 signatures
Number Date Name Location Why is diversity and ...
1103 4.2 years ago Karla Long Albany, OR We all feel more invested in the things we experience first hand. That can translate into enriching more lives and better stewardship for our public lands.
1102 4.2 years ago Ann Ferry Somerset, PA We need to reflect all the people and cultures into the public places that represent our heritage
1101 4.2 years ago Erica Larson Minneapolis, MN I fear the conversation about returning federally owned land to states, possibly resulting in private sale. Our national parks are a resource that should be cared for and made accessible to all peop...
1100 4.2 years ago Wallace Jacobson FORT COLLINS, CO
1099 4.2 years ago Stuart R. Shaw Salem, OR
1098 4.2 years ago Ken Brooker Langston Annapolis, MD
1097 4.2 years ago Jessica Fitzgerald Portsmouth, VA
1096 4.2 years ago Jeffrey Allen Charleston, WV
1095 4.2 years ago Anonymous Stamford, CT It is important for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to know the wonders of our natural land, not just the towns and cities that provide incomes.
1094 4.2 years ago Karen Richards Republic, MI Sustainability ; education appreciation of natural world and its ability to sustain us.
1093 4.2 years ago Eleanor Cohen Oakland, CA
1092 4.2 years ago Eric Dale Forestville, CA
1091 4.2 years ago Laura Stransky Durango, CO Federal lands are a National treasure to be protected and enjoyed by ALL people in perpetuity.
1090 4.2 years ago Dorothy Adele Dickerson Midway, KY
1089 4.2 years ago Paul Henschen Ellendale, ND
1088 4.2 years ago Susan Presson Asheville, NC
1087 4.2 years ago James Toy Ann Arbor, MI
1086 4.2 years ago Peter Sawtell Denver, CO
1085 4.2 years ago Sharon Richey Fort Worth, TX
1084 4.2 years ago R Richard Roe Los Altos, CA
1083 4.2 years ago Christine Dobrowloski Louisville, KY
1082 4.2 years ago Loretta Kerns Cortland, OH
1081 4.2 years ago Roger Osgood Cleveland, OH
1080 4.2 years ago Keith Brown Wooster, OH
1079 4.2 years ago Ruth Moerdyk Kalamazoo, MI
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