Ask the President and Congress to Protect God's Arctic Creation & Communities

This petition has a goal of 2000 signatures
26-50 of 2110 signatures
Number Date Name Organization Location Why do you value standing in ...
2085 3.8 years ago Marilyn Carnell Hopkins, MN
2084 3.8 years ago Paul John Martin Minneapolis, MN
2083 3.8 years ago Arthur Clyde Minnetonka, MN
2082 3.8 years ago Arthur Clyde Minnetonka, MN
2081 3.8 years ago Barbra Martin Minneapolis, MN
2080 3.8 years ago Frank Ueeker Minneapolis, MN
2079 3.8 years ago Carol Luanae Minneapolis, MN
2078 3.8 years ago Norma Heiubuch Burnsville, MN
2077 3.8 years ago Brenda Clarno Minneapolis, MN
2076 3.8 years ago Cindi Olson Minneapolis, MN
2075 3.8 years ago Ben Cleveland Minneapolis, MN
2074 3.8 years ago Mary Kraft Minneapolis, MN
2073 3.8 years ago Elizabeth Hurst Burnsville, MN
2072 3.8 years ago Cynthia Budd Minneapolis, MN
2071 3.8 years ago Carolyn Cleveland Minneapolis, MN
2070 3.8 years ago Suzanne White Minneapolis, MN
2069 3.8 years ago Mike White Minneapolis, MN
2068 3.8 years ago Debbie Blake Minneapolis, MN
2067 3.8 years ago Marvin Bunell Minneapolis, MN
2066 3.8 years ago Michael Beasley Hopkins, MN
2065 3.8 years ago Ray Daniels MN UCC Justice and Witness Eden Prairie, MN
2064 3.8 years ago Joe Burton Raleigh, NC People should be allowed to live in their native home.
2063 3.8 years ago Paulette Winkelmann Parkway United Church of Christ Wildwood, MO It saddens me that such exploitation of a "refuge" is even under consideration. Functioning ecosystems are precious resources in themselves.
2062 3.8 years ago Elizabeth Loser Emmanuel UCC, York, PA Hanover, PA So important to respect indigenous people, their culture and land.
2061 3.8 years ago Beth Lyon Glenside United Church of Christ Glenside, PA We need to protect this fragile ecosystem. We don't need to be using more fossil fuels.
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