PETITION CLOSED. Standing Rock Needs a Lifeline, Not a Deadline.



We invite you to sign your name to an important and urgent statement that calls upon President Obama to act on one of the most significant matters of our time: the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Obama administration can bring an end to the construction of this pipeline that has trampled on Native rights, desecrated sacred lands, threatened the Missouri River, and unleashed an appalling militarized response.

As many of you know, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers and the Governor of North Dakota have issued eviction orders for the largest resistance camp opposing the pipeline. In response to an eviction deadline of December 5th, the statement below calls upon Obama to extend a lifeline by stopping construction. Our goal is to have more than a thousand faith leaders sign this statement that will be publicly released on the morning of the deadline.

(Questions? Contact United Church of Christ Environmental Justice Minister Rev. Brooks Berndt at

This petition has a goal of 500 signatures
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Number Date Name Organization Location Why do you stand with ...
289 5 years ago Viola Morris-Buchanan Bethel AME Church-Lynn MILTON, MA I stand against destruction of the earth and the people who live upon it.
288 5 years ago Alice Gilabert Sister of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities Williamsville, NY I stand with Standing Rock and all efforts to protect natural resources, respect Native American traditions and end fossil fuel use.
287 5 years ago David Leslie Houston , TX
286 5 years ago Charlotte Wells Episcopal Church of the Redeemer Pendleton, OR We must respect the dignity of every human being. Endangering someone's water supply, trespassing on land ceded to them in a treaty, and disturbing their remains is not respecting anyone's dignity!
285 5 years ago Robin Caldwell St John Lutheran Church North Aurora, IL I support the protection of all that is made by God - that includes human beings as well as natural resources.
284 5 years ago Weston Wilson BE THE CHANGE - USA Denver, CO
283 5 years ago Murray Clark 1961 Plymouth, MA Because God wants his people to stand up,

for those that don't have a voice. This truly is a !!!

Inhumane - barbarous, act - a disregard

for ones fellow man.
282 5 years ago Eileen Altman First Congregational Church of Palo Alto East Palo Alto, CA
281 5 years ago Victor Martinez Communities Together, Inc. Lawrence , MA It's a social justice issue. All people should be treated with dignity and respect. I am ashamed to be an American if these lands were be desecrated.
280 5 years ago Tom Hawley Elevation counseling Albuquerque, NM
279 5 years ago Jeffrey Spencer Niles Discovery Church Fremont, CA
278 5 years ago Kim Spading North Liberty, IA
277 5 years ago Tamecia Jones Greensboro, NC
276 5 years ago Linda Grenfell Rev. Wells, ME I stand with Standing Rock and all efforts to protect natural resources, respect Native American traditions and end fossil fuel use.
275 5 years ago Daryl Lobban Massachusetts Council Of Churches Boston, MA
274 5 years ago Mary Ann Smith Maryknoll Sisters. Maryknoll, NY It is a justice and creation care concern
273 5 years ago Charles Queen Frankfort, KY I believe in their right to clean water and we have no right to endanger their land and water by running this pipeline through their backyard and desecrating their sacred grounds.
272 5 years ago Robin Blakeman OVEC, WVIPL Huntington, WV Protecting and defending clean,potable water is THE spiritual and moral struggle of our day. Standing Rock is a particular place that epitomizes all that struggle entails, and it is a place that mus...
271 5 years ago Moti Rieber Overland Park, KS
270 5 years ago Thomas Reinhart-Marean The United Methodist Church Whittier, CA I believe in the sacredness of this earth, especially the water that is the life blood of all living creatures.
I believe in the sacred duty of all people to ensure and preserve the life-giving ...
269 5 years ago Denise Andersen United Church of Christ Milwaukie, OR Because I find what is happening with the pipe line in Standing Rock appalling. Pipe lines should not run through reservation land - dangerously close to water sources. Nor should burial grounds be ...
268 5 years ago Peter Terpenning United Church of Christ Boulder, CO Standing Rock is standing for all of us as environmental stewards. Also, the history of oppression of native people needs to end at Standing Rock, they must not be asked to move again at the conveni...
267 5 years ago Ruby Dow United Methodist Women Mauston, WI Putting water at risk and desecrating sacred burial ground is unacceptable.
266 5 years ago Rebecca Proctor Sardis Baptist Church Huntersville , NC Because we are called to stand beside the marginalized, those who have no hope. No explanation I have read or heard tells me that the government and greedy businesses have the right to take what bel...
265 5 years ago Mark Pezzati Andes, NY
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