Ask the President and Congress to Protect God's Arctic Creation & Communities

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1872 3 weeks ago Deborah Exum Advocate and Activist Seminole, AL i have a strong religious and spiritual relationship in that culture.
1871 4 weeks ago Gail S. Ganter-Toback St. James' Episcopal Church New Paltz, NY It is important to stand with our Gwich'in neighbors to ensure that God's gift of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge remains protected. We are called as people of faith to be mindful of how our ac...
1870 1 month ago Monica McFadden Church of the Brethren Office of Public Witness Denver, CO
1869 1 month ago Kathie Westman Berkeley Hills Lutheran Church Pittsburgh, PA
1868 1 month ago Stesanie Hayes Ord, NE
1867 1 month ago Chiara Klein Washington, VA
1866 1 month ago Leigh Baca Manassas, VA
1865 1 month ago Cynthia Drew Winston-Salem, VA
1864 1 month ago Phyllis Albritton VA
1863 1 month ago Valerie Small Seneca Gardens, KY
1862 1 month ago Denise Pillow Hot Springs, VA
1861 1 month ago Maggie Lohmeyer San Francisco, CA
1860 1 month ago Melissa Carlson Rochester Mennonite Fellowship Rochester, NY
1859 1 month ago Egidio Leitao Austin, TX Our public and native lands are precious resources.
1858 1 month ago Gaye Lagana Christ Church Episcopal N Las Vegas, NV I share their values in protecting the porcupine caribou in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
1857 1 month ago Wanda Pettus Lexington, SC We need to support climate justice for all peoples.
1856 2 months ago Patricia Roubidoux OK
1855 2 months ago Timothy Nelson OK
1854 2 months ago Justin Roubidoux OK
1853 2 months ago Ryan Roubidoux OK
1852 2 months ago James Roubidoux lll Shawnee, OK
1851 2 months ago James Roubidoux ll Shawnee, OK
1850 2 months ago Maria Orlandini Franciscan Action Network Hyattsville, MD They need it the most right now, they are loosing their way of life.
1849 2 months ago Ian Goymer AL
1848 3 months ago Seann Reed PA
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