Ask President Obama and Congress to Steward the Arctic

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1841 18 hours ago Jean Gregory Oakland, CA
1840 18 hours ago Gabriella Nusbaum OH
1839 19 hours ago Vernona Dismuke Oklahoma City, OK
1838 19 hours ago Rita Brown Berlin, NJ
1837 19 hours ago Alice Davis Wilmington, DE
1836 19 hours ago Kim Tunney Westlake, OH
1835 19 hours ago Brittany Caine-Conley Charlottesville, VA
1834 20 hours ago Kim Leith Baltimore, MD
1833 20 hours ago Connie Harrison Warr Acres, OK
1832 20 hours ago Rachel Bachenberg Belton, MO
1831 20 hours ago Lynn Perry Chair of Environmental Min Committee for NJ ELCA Synod Manville, NJ
1830 20 hours ago Myriam Pedercini Harrisburg, PA
1829 20 hours ago Heidi Worthen Gamble Los Angeles, CA
1828 20 hours ago Andy King Tipton, MI
1827 20 hours ago Denise Pillow Hot Springs, VA
1826 20 hours ago Maggie Lohmeyer San Francisco, CA
1825 20 hours ago Melissa Carlson Rochester, NY
1824 1 day ago Jane Compton Hummelstown, PA The Creation account in Genesis calls us to stewardship of the earth, which includes the protection and preservation of natural habitats of potentially endangered species.
1823 2 weeks ago Dorothy Wolf MI I have visited the Gwich'in who take care of the land, including the Refuge. Their life depends on the animals who live and birth in the Refuge. We need to honor the rights of these native people,...
1822 3 weeks ago Sara Frease Dayton, OH
1821 1 month ago Martin Wolf Congregational/UCC Colorado Springs, CO The Refuge is part of the ancient home of the Gwich'in, and is gravely threatened by the prospects of future oil extraction activities, which will without doubt exacerbate climate change and result ...
1820 2 months ago rod zwirner NH
1819 4 months ago Ashley Dopp Woodbridge, NJ
1818 5 months ago Vanessa Leyendecker Spring Branch, TX
1817 5 months ago Taylor Oliphant Highland Heights, OH
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