Ask President Obama and Congress to Steward the Arctic

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1821 2 weeks ago Martin Wolf Congregational/UCC Colorado Springs, CO The Refuge is part of the ancient home of the Gwich'in, and is gravely threatened by the prospects of future oil extraction activities, which will without doubt exacerbate climate change and result ...
1820 1 month ago rod zwirner NH
1819 3 months ago Ashley Dopp Woodbridge, NJ
1818 4 months ago Vanessa Leyendecker Spring Branch, TX
1817 4 months ago Taylor Oliphant Highland Heights, OH
1816 4 months ago Trisha Sheridan-Stanfill Fort Worth, TX Because, in the words of Walter Brueggeman, "Shalom (peace) is the vision that 'all of creation is one, every creature in community with every other, living in harmony and security toward th...
1815 4 months ago Dorothy Rockstroh MD
1814 4 months ago Ken Clark MD
1813 4 months ago Kathy Braithwaite MD
1812 4 months ago Sue Lowcock Harris First Presbyterian Church Howard County Columbia, MD
1811 4 months ago Stacy Mogren MD
1810 4 months ago Evelyn Mogren MD
1809 4 months ago Steven Lloyd MD
1808 4 months ago Wendy Whitcomb MD
1807 4 months ago Shilpa Shenvi MD
1806 4 months ago Alisha Bailey MD
1805 4 months ago Barbara Christensen Columbia, MD
1804 4 months ago Joan McGregor Blue Swallowtail Studio. Wichita, KS For far to long we have not treated the Native peoples with love and respect. They revere God's creation and we need to respect and support their place on the land.
1803 4 months ago Allison Seigars Enid, OK Tribal lands must be protected.
1802 4 months ago Mary Powell Grandmother Middletown, IN Last chance. Moral and Christian Obligation. Honoring the spiritual beliefs of the original caretakers.
1801 4 months ago Barbara Regan Disciples of Christ Alameda, CA I respect their belief of the Sacred in all of life.
1800 4 months ago Martha Pinard Salem, VA
1799 4 months ago Ginny Braddock First Christian Church(Disciples of Christ) Columbia, SC Because I believe as people of faith we are called to seek justice. To love and care for the Earth and our neighbor.
1798 4 months ago Carla Hay Lexington, KY
1797 4 months ago marilee reyes OR Because it's the right thing to do.
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